1755 Hamregården
use 3


1 1867 was here: 5 May Arable of the best variety and meadow area of 37.5 acres. Was i.a. shuttle station and the famous composer Harald Swverud lived here for a while. The mill lay at the very beginning of Dag Hammerskjoldsvei vis-à-vis Lynghaugparken. The main house still exists.

Erik Andersen:

B. approx. 1752, d. 1815. Received skoyte from his father in 1781. Moved to Lynghaugen in 1811. Married to Pernille Pedersdatter Befring, b. c. 1746, d. 1833. Children: All dead.

Nils Simonsen:

Rope storage at Laksevag. Bought the mill in 1811. Operated the mill with covenants.

Philip Ohlenbostel:

Son-in-law to Nils Simonsen. Bought the mill in 1851 for 2500 Spdl. Had covenants that drew the mill.

Ola Olsen:

B. 1791, d. 1867. Bought the mill in 1858 for 4,500 Spdl. Married to Kari Ivarsdatter Straume b. 1787, d. 1860. Children: Berri!, Sara, Ivar, Ola, Marta, Rasmus.

Rasmus Olsen:

B. 1828, d. 1878. Got skoyte from his father in 1863 for 2000 Spdl. Married to Anna Severine Olsdatter b. 1815, d. 1898. Children: Karl Johan.

Karl Johan Rasmussen:

Born 1852. Got a skoyte from his mother in 1878 for NOK. 10,400 and cat. Married to Jakobine Andreasdatter, b. 1849. Children: Anna, Rasmus, Ragna.

Ola Nilsen Tirevoll:

Bought the mill in 1895 for NOK. 17,200.

Paul Pedersen L Nature:

B. 1868. Bought the mill at auction in 1899 for NOK. 16,000. Married to Marta Nilsdatter Bontveit, born 1965. Children: Peder, Pauline, Nils and 3 more children.