1811 Lynghaug

Gnr / Bnr: Gnr 23 Bnr 3

Debt juice in 1811.

1 1867 was here: 40 acres of fields and meadows. In 1959 were here: 50 acres of cultivated land, 30 acres of cultivated pasture, 65 acres of forest, 60 acres of outfield. The mill was closed down when the development began and was located approximately where Lynghaug school is today.

Erik Andersen:

F. ca. 1752, d. 1815. Moved from Hamregården to Lynghaugen in 1811. Married to Pernille Pedersdatter Befring b. Ca. 1746, d. 1833. Children: All died young.

Kristian Ingebrigtsen:

Born 1794, d. 1872. Nephew of Erik Andersen. Got a skate from Pernille Pedersdatter in 1818. Married to Berta Olsdatter b. 1803, d. 1878. Children: Pernille, Marta, Olina, Erik, Bertil, Henrik, Kristian, Ingebrigt, Ola, Anna.

Erik Kristiansen Lynghaug:

Born 1826, d. 1898. Got a skate in 1878 for NOK. 4,000. Married twice to Berta (Brita) Olsdatter Damsgård b. Ca. 1830, d. 1869 and Gurine Olsdatter Øvretveit b. 1843, d. 1931. Children 1 marriage: Kristiane, Kristian. 2 marriages: Kristian, Andreas, Ola, Berta, Edvard, Olina.

Kristian E. Lynghaug:

Born 1873, d. 1923. Got a skate from his mother in 1899 for NOK. 10,000 and conditions. Unmarried.

Ola E. Lynghaug:

Born 1881. Brother of Kristian Lynghaug. Got a skate from the co-heirs in 1923 for NOK. 15,000 and conditions for the mother. Children: Gunnvor, Alfhild.

Henrik Haukås:

Born 1911, d. 1947. Took over the farm after his father-in-law in 1947. Married to Alfhild Lynghaug. Children: Kari, Ove, Helga, Asbjørn.


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