1837 Sælensminde

Gnr / Bnr: Gnr22 Bnr 7


Due in 1837.

In 1867 there was: 1 hectare of medium-sized field, meadow area of 21 hectare. In 1959, there were: 20 acres of cultivated land, 10 acres of forest, 60 acres of open land. The mill was located where the Spectrum building is located today and was closed down when development began.

Jens Monsen Nedreås:

B. approx. 1814 in Lindås. Received in 1838 a letter of attachment on rather harsh terms. Bought the mill in 1865 for 200 Spdl. Married to Anna Olsdatter Heltveit born ca. 1816. Children: Ola, Johanna, Berge Mattias, Andreas, Martin.

Andreas Jensen Sælensminde:

B. approx. 1846. Got a skate from his mother in 1870 for 600 Spdl.

Ola Olsen Vaksdal:

Born 1835 in Samnanger. Bought the mill in 1874 for 1090 Spdl. Married to Anna Eriksdatter Vaksdal b. 1835. Children: Cecilia, Edvard, Ola.

Lars Martinus Andreasen Løvaas:

Born 1848, died 1923. Bought the mill in 1877 for NOK. 6,000. Married to Eli Olsdatter Nyhaugen, b. 1853. Children: Andreas, Ola, Kristian, Laurits, Edvard, Maria, Anna.

Kristian Sælensminde:

B. 1881, d. 1947. Got skates in 1909 from his parents for NOK. 8,000. and kår. Married to Sigrid Ellingsen, b. 1883, d. 1956. Children: Leif, Ellinor, Martha, Einar, Aslaug, Signe, Konrad, Kristoffer, Anna, Inga, Harald, Torvald.

Leif Sælensminde:

Born 1907. Took over the mill in 1946 after his father. Married to Aslaug Fanavoll b. 1913. Children: Kjell, Reidun, Jarle, Ingjerd, Sigmund.


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