1853 Fyllingen - Øvre - «Jonasen»

Gnr/Bnr: Gnr 25 Brn 1

Upper Filling Use 1


In 1867 it was here: 5 acres of the best variety, meadow area was 25 acres.

In 1959 goods: 70 acres of cultivated land and forest for own use.

Housing still exists.

Bertil Olsen:

B. 1815, d. 1876. Got a deed from his father in 1858 for 1,500 spdl.

Married twice to Karen Kristine Paulsdatter, b. c. 1804, d. 1863 and Anna Samuelsdatter Birkeli b. 1818

Children: Ola

Johan Kristiansen Nordås:

B. 1845 In 1871 bought the mill from BertilOlsen for 3,000 spri. and free housekeeping for Bertil and his wife.

Married to Anna Larsine Rasmusdatter Løvaas b. 1850.

Children: Kristian, Joachim, Betsy, Tea, Agnes, Gustav, Kaia, Nelly

Kristian J. Fyllingen:

B. 1873, d. 1915. Got a skate in 1911 for NOK 10,000 and a license for the parents

married to Brita Knutsdatter Rogne. Both died of typhus in 1915.

Children: Magnhild.

Joachim J. Fyllingen:

Got a skate after my brother for NOK. 11,810 and conditions for the parents.

Married to Hanna Johannesdatter Nedre Birkeland.

Children: Jonas.

Born 1913. Got a skate from his parents in 1944 for NOK 22,000 and


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