1853 Mylandgard

Gnr / Bnr: Gnr 25 Bnr4


Separated in 1853. 1 1867 was here: 1 acre ring field, meadow area of 14 acre. In addition, there was "a small waterfall where a wheel mill is operated".

Rasmus Olsen:

B. 1817. Got skates from his father in 1853.

Jørgen Nilsen:

F. in Denmark. Bought in 1859 the mill from Rasmus Olsen. At the same time rented the water rights for & Spdl per year. Built wheel mill. Also set up a threshing mill which he rented out.

Amund Bergesen Lervik:

Born 1838 in Meland. Bought the mill in 1864 together with Johannes Gudmundsen Selvik. Was sole owner from 1865. Married to Malena Momsdatter b. 1849. Children: Ingeborg, Berta, Berge, Andreas, Joakim.
In 1894, the mill and the mills were sold to 3 townspeople for NOK. 20,000. They sold it in 1901 to Laksevåg municipality, which needed the water rights to secure the water supply.


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