1858 Nore Sælemyr

Gnr / Bnr: Gnr 22 Bnr 3


Indebted in 1858. In 1867 there were: 3 acres of medium-sized arable land, meadow area of 22.5 acres. 11,959 were here: 73 acres of cultivated land, 200 acres of forest and 75 acres of open land. The yard was located where Oasen is today. Was closed down when development took off.

Nils Ivarsen Åsgård:

B. approx. 1823 in Lindås. Bought the mill in 1860 from Gudmund Heldal. Married to Ingeborg Steffensdatter born ca. 1822. Children: Ivar, Ola, Berta, Katrina, Anna, Andreas.

Rasmus Olsen Lyngbo:

Born 1817 at Øvre Fyllingen, died 1885. Bought the mill in 1866 for 1000 Spdl. Married to Ingeborg Sakariasdatter, b. 1818, d. 1887. Children: Sakarias, Rasmus, Inger, Olina, Ingeborg, Berta, Rakel.

Rasmus Rasmussen Sælemyr:

Born 1858. Bought in the mill in 1885 from the mother for NOK. 6,000 and conditions. Married to Magdalena Rasmusdatter Salt, b. 1864. Children: Sakarias.

From 1902 to 1920, the mill changed owners a total of 6 times.

Andreas Wergeland:

Born 1890. Bought the mill in 1920 before 40,000. Married to Oline Takle. Children: Marie, Johannes, cot.


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