1859 Minde Brennhaugen – "Gartner Tvedt"

Gnr / Bnr: Gnr 22 Bnr 8


Indebted in 1859. 1 1867 was here: 2.5 acres of field, meadow area of 19 acres. 1 1959 was here: 30 acres of cultivated land, 7 acres of cultivated pasture, 15 acres of open land. The mill is located between Sælen and Ortun school and is a nursery.

Kristian Olsen joins:

B. approx. 1822 in Lindås. Bought the mill in 1859 for 250 Spdl. Married to Helga Ingvaldsdatter Oppedal.

Ola Andreas Martinussen Tjønnen:

B. 1838, d. 1889. Bought the mill in 1866 for 1000 Spdl. Married to Marta Kristiansdatter Lynghaug, b. 1843. Children: Martinus, Kristian, Andreas, Olufina.

Jacob Pedersen Stortveit:

B. 1865. Bought the mill in 1898 for NOK. 8,000. Married to Olina Larsen b. 1867. Children: Jacob, Hjalmar.

Berge Knutsen Dommestein:

Bought the mill in 1905 for NOK. 7,500. Married to Malena Skram.

From 1918-30, there were 4 different owners.

Ole M. Tvedt:

Born 1900. Bought the mill in 1930 together with KP Jorager for NOK. NOK 16,000. From 1939, Tvedt was the sole owner. Married to Oline Uthus. Children: Mary, Oddvar, Kari.


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