1860 Upper Landfill

Use 5

Held together with use 6 until 1860. In 1867 there were: 4.5 acres of arable land of the best variety, meadow area of 29.5 acres. In 1959, there were: 50 acres of cultivated land, 70 acres of forest, 70 acres of open land. Residential buildings and sheds still exist. Located at the Betainen nursing school.

Ivar Rasmussen Løvås:

B. 1832, d. 1898. Bought the mill in 1860 from Hans rasmussen for 1300 Spdl. Married to Anna Berentine Eriksdatter b. 1838, d. 1891. Children: Rasmus, Ivar, 7 children who died young.

Rasmus Ivarsen Løvås:

B. 1862. Got the mill in 1899 when he took over from his father. Unmarried.

Knut Knutsen Sandal:

Bought the mill in 1905 for NOK. 18,000. Married to Johanne Marie Olsen and Marta Lauvhammer respectively. Children: 1st marriage: Karl, 2nd marriage: Olav.

Olav K. Fyllingen:

Born 1919. Got a skate from his father in 1943 for NOK. 16,000 and conditions. Married to Inga Fanavoll. Children: Vigdis, Knut, Jon, Ivar.


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