1860 Pladsen - "Siktaugen"

Gnr / Bnr: Gnr 25 B Nr 6


Held together with use 5 until 1860. In 1867 there were: 3 acres of medium-sized arable land, meadow area of 22 acres. In 1959 there were: 40 acres of cultivated land, 20 acres fallow. The mill was located on Sikthaugen.

Hans Ingebrigtsen Grønneste!:

D. 1866. Got a skate in 1860 from his foster father Hans Rasmussen for 140 Spdl. and kår. Married to Synneva Johannesdatter Lysekloster b. 1823. Children: Andreas, Larsine, Karen Elemine, Johannes.

Ole Andersen Tveit:

Born 1848 in Hamre, died 1891. Took over the mill in 1868 when he married the widow Synneva Johannesdatter. No children.

Martinius Eriksen Hodne:

Born 1855 in Landås. Got a skate in 1896 for NOK. 12,000 and pay to the mother-in-law. Married to Karen Elemine Hansdatter b. 1857, d. 1930. Children: Anna, Sigvald, Olea, Kristian, Augusta, Hanna, Einar.

Sigvald Fyllingen:

Born 1890, died 1956 (?). Got ice skates from his mother in 1925 for NOK. NOK 13,570 and conditions. Married to Ingeborg Jonsterhaug. Children: Martin.


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