1886 Løvaas Haugen - "The Mink Farm"

Gnr / Bnr: Gnr 23 Brn 2


Indebted in 1886. In 1867 there were: 2 acres of arable land and meadow area of 9 acres. From 1939, a mink farm was run until development took off. The mill was located approximately where Nebbestølen kindergarten is today.

Andreas Ingebrigtsen:

B. 1799, d. 1849. Received a letter of attachment to the place in 1845. Married to Kari Ivarsdatter Bønes b. 1807, d. 1877. Children: Lars Martinius, 8 children who died young.

Ivar Rasmussen Levås:

B. 1832, d. 1898 got a skate in 1886 for NOK. 400 Spl. Married to Anna Berentine Eriksdatter b. 1838. Children: Rasmus, Ivar, Andreas 7 children who died young.

Martinus Rasmussen Levaas:

B. 1843, was pacter for his brother. Married to Anna b. 1846. Children: Sigurd, Agnes, Andreas, Konstance.

Andreas Iversen Løvaas:

D. 1918. Got the mill for NOK. 8,000 in 1899 in the shift after his father. Unmarried.

Anton Minde:

Bought the mill from the estate of Andreas Løvaas for NOK. 26,500. He sold it on in 1921 to T. Brommeland and 0. Hovland.
Johan Øvrebø: Bought the mill in 1939 for NOK. 30,000.


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